Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Lost It!

I've completely lost it. But this isn't unusual for me. I've come to consider "loosing it" to be an integral part of parenting. Over the years I've lost:
My mind
My keys
My sense of style
My identity
My brain
My vocabulary
My stomach
This morning I woke up to find that I've lost my voice. Completely lost my voice. All I can do is whisper. I've had to tell my kids that going to the beach it out for today. There is absolutely no way that I can handle 4 kids on an open beach without being able to yell at them to be safe. But the good news is that everyone is whispering. The kids seem to be mimicking me and are answering me in whispers. I LOVE IT! Our home is so peaceful and content this morning. Maybe I need to loose my voice more often. =)
And, for those important occasions when I do need them to hear me I have found a very valuable tool in my sons' Transformer Voice Changing Helmet.



kay said...

my 5 year old wants to borrow that mask!!!

enjoy the quiet. you know it won't last!!

Tama said...

It must be going around. I had no voice last week. All of our customers at work kept whispering back to me, "Why are we whispering?" We all had a good laugh about it all day.

An Ordinary Mom said...

At least the weather is cooperating with you today and your decision to not go to the beach :) !!

Enjoy your quiet house. We are all suffering from crazy allergies and sinus infections in our house ... when will the sunshine come and last for awhile?!?

Amy Y said...

I love that they are all whispering, too!! Sorry about the beach, though!

Laura said...

They should have remote control taser watches that buzzes the kids every time they are out of control. That way, we would never have to yell. Tekina was scared of the transformer mask. Haha.

Shimmy Mom said...

I lose my voice twice a year religiously. I have yet to figure out why, but my house is always different when I can't talk either. (I am a naturally very loud person.)

Tirzah said...

That's awesome! Not the lost voice, but that the kids are keeping quiet, too!

Michal said...

i have actually had "whispering days" around here, just to restore the sanity when i feel like we've all been yelling too much. come to think of it, we are about due for one of those. maybe i'll just fake that my voice is gone in the morning.

Angela said...

Wait- losing your voice is an awesome idea. I may fake it tomorrow to see if it works at my house. Hope you are better, but keep the great tones going.

Jane Hamilton said...

Whoa! That voice changing thingie is scary! Too bad for the kids that the trip to the beach is not happening. Anyway, enjoy the peace and quiet.

Leslie said...

I love your kids whispering great is that?

On another note...I am trying to put the pieces together...I am thinking your mom is remarried and her new initials are KD and that you have a sister who also lived in my ward (infact the same townhouse complex) as well and her initials are JT and that you have a brother who returned from his mission while I was living in the ward. Is any of this sounding familiar?

CC said...

The mask is perfect. I'm sure no one on the beach would notice. ;)

Jeanette said...

That is funny (and nice) that your kids are whispering with you.
I have never lost my voice before. It is one of those things that always upset me as a kid. I thought it would be cool.

MizFit said...

Ive lost my edge.
does that count if I can still speak?