Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guest Posting by Cookie

I don't know why I accepted to write in my mom's blog today. Normally I would beg my grandma to do it for me, but she's making pumpkin bread, a process which I shall never interrupt. I'll probably mess everything up, but I'm going to try. Sincerely, Cookie.

Aaron's doing fine. Aaron's wonderful. Aaron's GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION AROUND HERE! Sorry.I just had to let that out. Sweet Terror is feeling it the strongest I think. When asked about the baby, she just smiles and says goo goo ga ga . Monster Man loves him even more than his stuffed chihuahua (see bottom of page).Pablo doesn't give a care. He's plugged into the computer half the time and drawing the other half. Aaron, will you PLEASE be quiet! Oh well.I guess its not your fault. Mommy ate some chocolate and Aaron HATES it.

This is Tiny. Actually it's a picture of a new one, Monster Man's is much older.





Lucy van Pelt said...

Hi Cookie! Thanks for sharing the cool pictures and giving us an update on what's going on around there. You did a fine job -- maybe even better than your grandma would have.

An Ordinary Mom said...


That was a lovely post! I think you captured what is going on in your house very well.

Enjoy the pumpkin bread!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Hi Cookie!

You are one terrific blogger!

I bet the pumpkin bread made the house smell good.

Take care!

Annie said...

Hey Cookie! You are so awesome to blog for your mom! Thanks!

Michal said...

i think it's wonderful that you are willing to help your mom with her responsibilities while she's taking care of aaron. new babies are loud and rather demanding. i'm sure you'll be smitten with him in no time, especially by the time he is smiling at you. that's when babies really start to be fun.
great pictures!

perilloparodies said...

Cookie, you did a great job. Hang in there. As Cheeks gets the hang of being around you and your family, you know that eventually he will smile and want to show it to you ALL the time. Hope you have a great day. Eat some of that yummy pumpkin bread, that will help distract you. :-)

Rachel said...

I loved your post Cookie! You have your mom's great creativity and I love the pictures!

Your baby brother will be more fun soon, I promise.


Laura said...

Cookie is really short for "cook", right? It's great you're stepping up to the plate and helping out. Tell grandma and mommy that Aunt Laura says "HI" and "I LOVE YOU"!

Amy Y said...

Don't worry, Cookie, the novelty will wear off soon and Aaron'll be just another kid. :)

Jeanette said...

Babies sure can hog all the attention can't they?
Thanks for the post and pictures. Although, now you having me craving some good pumpkin bread...

Becks said...

Cookie, you're absolutely adorable! I love your writing. :)

Jane Hamilton said...

Hey Cookie!
You are doing a great job at blogging! Nice pictures too! Thanks for keeping all of us updated!

Misty said...

Cookie. You are a doll, and I know this because your mothers speaks of how much she loves you. You are also honest, which I admire and appreciate it. It's not easy to be the oldest kid, huh? It's not always easy to have a new baby in the house, too.... It'll all work out. We're rooting for you and you sweet family. You're a special girl.

Magirk said...

Love it! :-)

Nice post, Cookie. I'm sure your Momma is proud. ;-)

Shimmy Mom said...

Good job Cookie!

Sonja said...

Cookie, you and your mom are great writers! I loved reading your post, as I do your mom's, because it was so honest and it made me smile!

Loved the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Cookie Monster; you are really good at blogging!

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