Monday, September 15, 2008

In Love With a Car

Cheri, I knew you were one cool chic the first time I read your blog (back when you were writing nothing but lists for NaBloPoMo). But now you have earned yourself a seat in my top 20 cool chicks this week for knowing the answer to my last post's question.

I said: 'P.S. Can anyone tell me what this line is from?:
"Looks like Darth Vader's bathroom."'

Yes, from Episode 1 of Knight Rider. Oh, sweet Knight Rider, the shining knight of my youth. But it isn't the hairy Hasselhoff that makes my heart beat faster. I'm after KITT. Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT, you know, the smart one. The one with all the moves. The one with the sexy voice and the subtle electronic breathing that sends shivers down my spine. Oh, yes, THAT KITT. And KITT isn't just a muscle car, he is a machine that is in touch with his feelings. KITT has been known to pout and go silent if Micheal (Hasselhoff) neglects it or is rude to it. KITT can tell when you are upset or in need of extra attention because he can read your vital signs and monitors the tone of your voice. And KITT can drive himself. So I could send KITT on ice cream runs, have him take the kids to school while I sleep in, take naps while he drives us to the library or the beach. Yes, KITT is every girl's dream car.


If only they made a minivan KITT...

Now, I'm off to watch just one more episode of Knight Rider before tackling the not so sexy laundry pile.


Becky said...

The original Knight Rider was one of my favorite shows. I can hear the theme song in my head as I type. But I liked Hasselhof. Except now that he's 25 years older and looks...basically the same, I think he's just a tad creepy.

Hope said...

Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only teenage girl who loved Knight Rider as well. My brother was always trying to tell me that it was a "boy show". I had a "car crush" on KITT. He was great!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Yeah, I used to watch that show a lot with my younger brother. Those were good old times.

Have you seen the new Knight Rider? Just curious if it is any good.

And on a separate David Hasselhof note. I went to a professional tennis match once in high school with my friend. While using her binoculars to watch the match, I also decided to scan the crowd. Who did I find? Yep, David Hasselhof ... with popcorn stuck on the corner of his mouth :) !!

Sarah said...

umm, isn't Kitt voiced by Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World?

ick. you can have him!

Michal said...

i was not a knight rider fan, nor does "hairy hasselhof" excite me. however, the thought of having a kitt minivan is wondrous. if only.

Leslie said...

OK...I was a total KITT fan. Do you remember the episode where KITT was totaled (ie died)? I seriously cried. Ah...the memories.

Lisa said...

Don't Hassle the Hoff!
Cute blog, love the name! You do know of course that Ice Cream has medicinal qualities, right? Yes, Indeed, its been proven to cure headaches. Yep, that's right! I'm stickin' with that research too!
p.s. found you through TAMN!

Annie said...

A minivan Kitt. LOL! LOVE IT!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

The original Knight Rider RULES!!! It's hilarious though because when I was little I thought the Hoff was soooooooo good when you watch the old show he looks so, uhhh, dated. lol But still good lookin'. lol

Oh and a Kitt Mini Van would be awesome. I would for sure take it on a test drive. :)


CC said...

I used to love that show! Want our mini-van. We're trying to sell it. It is pretty dang cool inside!!!

elena jane said...

i must be the only one to have never watched knight rider...what else was on that caught my eye back then??