Saturday, December 6, 2008

Your Genes, Your Fault

Mom, I know I'm an awful daughter when it comes to your birthday, Mother's day, your anniversaries, or when you are sick in bed. Luckily you live close to the better children who honor you the way you deserve. I used to feel such shame every year as I missed each card-worthy event, but this year I've decided that it isn't my fault. I'm convinced my inabilities are genetic and therefore your (or dad's) fault. Yup! So, shaaaaame on you for making me forget to put your card in the mail again this year! Shame, shame, shame. Next time try to get the genetic code right so you don't create another forgetful me, ok?

Happy late Birthday, Mamasita!

Here is a well rehearsed, well coreographed, and definitely well dressed birthday message from your babies. The best part of this clip is that you have to watch it 4 times to see every child's personal rendition of this timeless classic.


And here is a little present from Cheeks. See, you can bottle up baby laughter and listen whenever you want.



An Ordinary Mom said...

Love the videos, especially Cheeks laughing. Such music to your ears :) !!

And by the way, you gave a mean party last night. I loved it!

Lucy van Pelt said...

That baby laughter is AWESOME! Love it! I hope you slept well last night after hosting the best party of the season.

mom huebert said...

Oh my goodness! I am laughing at the birthday greeting. If I were grandma I'd be loving' it!

DJzoey said...

That was tooo cute Liz!

Sonja said...

I DID watch it four times to see everyone's rendition and I LOVED it all four times. You most certainly have a fun crew over there.

I felt like I was getting a present too as I listened to Cheek's happy, contented baby laughter.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tirzah said...

So cute! I love baby laughter!

dotmother said...

thannk you for the birthday greetings! You are SO off the hook - don't EVER send a card again. A video clip is the ABSOLUTE BEST present. I love and miss you kiddies!

Michal said...

okay, those videos were priceless.