Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheesy Update

Hi. Anyone still here? I hate when people just stop blogging without so much as a see you later, it makes me worry. So what do I do? Just stop blogging without so much as a see you later, of course. Do as I say, not as I do! Actually I've just been busy (as I'm sure everyone is right now) and I've been trying to avoid my internet addiction by keeping my computer off. It is working. I've been crafting and cleaning. Today I even made "Barbie" clothes (if I type it in quotes they can't sue me, can they?) out of some of Cookie's old clothes. I found a fun trick that takes out half the work and I'm taking lots of photos so I can blog about it later.

So, have you been dying to hear about the Nacho Party? We had a smaller group this year (had major invitation problems using evite and old email addresses) and lots more kids than usual but it was a very enjoyable evening. The kids practically disappeared thanks to my basement and our new classic Christmas television four disc DVD set. I took pictures of the food but the party was almost over and it was looking pretty messy so I'm not posting those.

These were my favorite decoration. Some wooden peppers I found for 25 cents at a yard sale that I dressed up with a gold paint pen. I don't think anyone even noticed them but I LOVE them.

Here is Cheeks the reindeer. Egads he is so cute!!! He sat in his high chair being an angel until he blew out his diaper in a major way. Luckily I was chopping tomatoes so Mr. Hotness had to do the honors.

Here Mr. Hotness is being spoiled with female attention by his babysitter and her two sisters.

Here I am with Lucy from An Ordinary Mom (can you tell that I photoshopped my double chin out? I call it digital plastic surgery. Sure, if I didn't say anything you wouldn't know, but then you wouldn't know the mad photo shop skills I have either. Botox=$300 Having Liz digitally fix her face for free=priceless). I also removed all the shiny spots from my face and hid my bra strap. I LOVE the digital age.

Mr. Hotness hanging out with his trusty pal, Jason.

My blogging buddies: 32 flavors, Shark Daddy, Lucy Van Pelt, and Lucy.

I'm not posting photos of the rest of you unless I get your permission first, but if you want me to send you the rest of the pics from that night just email me.

Well, time to get back to the sewing machine to make very very tiny fashion ensembles.



Michal said...

i wish that i could have come to your party. and i don't even like nacho cheese!
those wooden peppers are fab.u.lous. especially since you added the gold words. lovely. especially if you have nacho party every year. which you do.

Lucy van Pelt said...

It was such fun! I did notice the peppers and thought they were sure cute. I like them a lot too. My only question is why you didn't photoshop my double-chin -- what a double standard!

Becky said...

LOVE the photoshop bit! That is awesome. I just did my first digitally altered self on photoshop too. I had a picture of Jeff and I together, but my eyes were half-closed, so I found my smiling face on another photo and pasted it over my half-closed face. Then I deleted my zit, whitened my teeth, and erased my double chin. It was awesome! Then we went to the portrait studio and got real pics done, so I didn't use the altered one after all. But still. It was hugely satisfying.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Lucy Van Pelt,
Even though I consider myself the poster child for double standards I didn't want you to think less of me. Consider yourself one of my patients.

Richelle said...

Sounds fun!
I love the reindeer.
I love to photoshop blemishes and shiny foreheads off myself. :)

Lucy van Pelt said...

So funny! Thanks for the work. What do I owe you? I heard getting work done is expensive.

32 Flavors said...

I was just thinking the same thing Lucy! Don't I get the same treatment? I'd like my extra chin gone too please? I'm still thinking of the tomatilla/o salsa....yum!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

32 Flavors, I aim to please. New chins for all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was fun I wish i could have been there

sariqd said...

We're bummed we didn't get out there... :( But sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Btw - THANK YOU for helping us out this morning... we would've still been painting at this late hour without your help! Seriously.

Sonja said...

Egads, indeed!

the reindeer, hot pepper decorations, fun pictures of you and other bloggers (and btw, I know all about photoshopping double chins-I don't really believe you or 31 flavors have them), and all the cheese in general.

Don't love: the fact the we live in different states. :(

32 Flavors said...

I look fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOL--you antally called Cheeks "Mr Hotness" in this post, but that's okay; the name fit when he was surrounded by adoring women like that. Oh, my shweet little Cheeks, how I miss you!

Kim said...

sounds like a great time. wish i lived near some of my blog buddies so we could party together. bummer for me.

love the photo of Cheeks in his antlers!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am FAMOUS! I made it on Liz's blog ... what an honor :) !! And did you digitally alter me as well?

Your party was a blast. I hope there will be one next year ... meaning I hope you and I are still around.