Monday, December 15, 2008

Pipe Cleaner Fun

I love pipe cleaners. Anytime I want a little peace and quiet from the kids I can always toss them a big package of pipe cleaners and escape to my room with the baby and a book.

Last week I spotted this fun craft idea from Bella Dia via the Crafty Crow: Tinsel Trees

Ever since first seeing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special I have been a bit obsessed with the idea of those tacky aluminum/plastic Christmas trees. Now, I get to indulge that obsession by creating millions of tiny tacky tinsel trees just for me.

Nothing says Christmas like gold and pink tinsel!

For that extra special bling at holiday parties you can always loop the stem around for an out of this world ring.

And if you get so caught up making trees that you neglect to decorate the real tree don't worry. The kids will decorate it for you. =)


Hope said...

Those little trees look so cute! I saw my first Pink Christmas tree the other day, it was kinda cool. I'll have to get some pipe cleaners, I forgot how much fun they can be.

Kim said...

love the tree ring bling. my daughter would totally wear that to school.

32 Flavors said...

Now I know what to do with my excess pipe cleaners! The trees look remarkably like our Christmas tree.

elena jane said...

omg, never thought of pipecleaners....what a cool toss them and let them find their own creations idea!! :)
love your trees...:)