Saturday, February 28, 2009

For Just One Week

I feel like this For Just One Week thing that I'm doing is a lot like trying to put myself back together puzzle style. There is a complete picture of myself that I'm trying to achieve and each week I try out a few new pieces. Sometimes I get lucky and pick a piece that fits right away. Other times I pick a good piece but it is too soon to be of any use because I need the surrounding pieces in there first to connect it to the rest. Sometimes I connect multiple pieces but have to put them back to the side because I need to finish finding all the edge pieces first. Some pieces are easier to pick than others because they are so obvious, and others drive me crazy because I just can't seem to find that one crazy puzzle piece that will finally let me move on. But I gotta tell ya, I'm starting to get little glimpses of what the finished puzzle might look like and it's getting me excited.

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This last week my one goal was to start training Cheeks to sleep in his crib. Let's just say I was so very right about the lack of sleep issue this would cause. I have had a perpetual exhaustion headache for the past 4 days. BUT, Cheeks now sleeps in his crib for every nap and most of the night (I started pulling him in 1/2 way through the night because I still need to function during the day). This is very good and I'm going to continue with this because I have to.

Now, back to that whole puzzle piece thought. I have definitely hit a point where I need to fit some very basic but necessary pieces into my puzzle before anything else is going to connect. So for this week I am going to:

1. Say my prayers every night before getting into bed. I used to do this without even thinking, but having Cheeks has changed everything about my night time routine. Now that he starts out in the crib, though, I am now physically free to kneel at the side of my bed before dragging myself into it. And I really do miss that daily, personal connection with my Heavenly Father.

2. Use my mailbox or the post office everyday. I've kind of duped myself into the very selfish thought of, "My family knows I love them, I'm busy with kids and a baby, if they want to talk to me they can do the reaching out." We have also had several big family drama's happen in the past year and a half and I tend to just hide in my closet and cut off all connections when these things happen and that just isn't right. Oh, and I'm also super lazy and have a year and 1/2 old pile of mail and packages that I just haven't mailed out (2 Christmases worth of Thank You cards). It is definitely time to start licking stamps and reconnecting with those I love. Facebook is fun but it's no substitution for a lovely letter in the mail.

3. And the usual TV goal. I'm telling you, it is a major addiction for me. SO, no internet TV at all except for on Fridays. I really want this one to become a lifetime habit. One day of TV would be a fun guilty pleasure that I could enjoy. I just want to stop the TV gluttony that makes me feel lazy and guilty.

Hopefully these goals will pave the way to adding some of the more interesting puzzle pieces that I'm itching to add here. One piece at a time, Liz, just one piece at a time.

What about you? What were your week's major accomplishments? What goals will you work on For Just One Week? Write a post about your weekly goal(s) and share it here. Please make sure to link to your individual post and not just your regular blog url. Thanks!


Amber said...

I am a firm believer in the "For Just One Week" concept. For me, sticking to any plan requires at least seven days.

Last Monday, I started back on a healthy eating and workout routine. I am on Day 6 and haven't cheated once. Just one more day to go and I'll be set for life, right? ;-)

Magirk said...

I think that's a great analogy about the puzzle. And good luck with your goals this week.

I guess I'm not quite feeling serious this week. So I'm going with silly.

And YAY for you on getting Cheeks to sleep in the crib! You are awesome. :-)

An Ordinary Mom said...

After last night, I realize I need to laugh more ... so that means we will also need to have Girls Night Out more often :) !!

I am glad Cheeks is transitioning for you. What a relief!

Michal said...

i love your new goals. and great job training cheeks to sleep in his crib. that's a big one.

my goal this week was to pray more frequently--a lot more frequently--and not just in the bathroom! i really felt a difference, a power in my life this week. and i didn't have one homeschool meltdown. now that's progress!:)

MiaKatia said...

I love your puzzle thoughts. I like thinking about how I need certain parts fixed in my own life before the others can fall into place. Great thoughts.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I hear you. I'm still looking for the puzzle piece that will help me deal with paperwork.

Good work on putting your baby in his bed. That is so tough in the short run but very worth it.

And tell me again how you watch TV online? Not that I'm going to start. I just want to know what to watch out for. You know.