Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Just One Week

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This last week's goals were great. It was so much fun reading and commenting on so many blogs again. I am also really glad I picked these goals because I now feel a lot better about myself. I posted recently (thanks to my goal of trying to post everyday) about watching too much TV on the internet again. I was beating myself up about this, thinking I was so lazy and weak. Well, now I can honestly blame some of it on Cheeks. Do you know how hard it is to read something to completion and then actually take the time to type a comment each time when you have a pooping, lap jumping, face scratching, hungry, keyboard kicking, hair pulling lump of angelic cuteness in your lap at all times? And if I'm not holding him I'm chasing him around the house pulling plastic bags and marbles out of his mouth or catching him as he falls. You see, Cheeks is now a lightening fast crawler who pulls himself up on things but can't get back down without konking his head on something. I'm tempted to get him a helmet. Anyway, because of this it is very hard to read cohesively and even harder to comment and even harder to actually write or post, or to do anything else constructive. But it doesn't take extra appendages, much brain power, or uninterrupted time to watch TV, does it? So, while I'm glad I'm still fighting against the brain sucking power of TV, I now realize that it is more about survival then just plain laziness.
Commenting on every new posting in my blog reader? Done everyday, except one where I had a mini breakdown caused by exhaustion.
Catching up on my reading projects. Not so good. I managed to almost finish one but these are long writings that require me to give serious thought and critiques about them, and that is just REALLY hard right now.
Posting everyday. I was close, but missed two days. One because I had no internet for 3/4ths of the day, and yesterday when I had my mini breakdown. A breakdown that enabled me to watch Survivor, Lie To Me, old episodes of Bones, and some British TV crime dramas while eating Nutella from a spoon.

It was a very good breakdown.
Now for this week? I'm pretty sure I'm going to need copious amounts of TV to survive this week's goal because I don't plan on getting much sleep. In fact I'm even tempted to take up coffee drinking and smoking for this one. NO, not really.

But I might envy those that do. =)
This week my goal is to train Cheeks to sleep in his crib. This will also require me to stop using his crib as a storage device, clean it, and move it. I'm going on a long trip soon without Cheeks, or any kids (yes, I will post about it soon), and Mr. Hotness isn't as genetically programed for co-sleeping as I am. So, you may see me commenting on your blogs at obscene hours of the night and I may eat my weight in Nutella, but I am determined to have Cheeks sleeping in his crib and sleeping on a schedule by the end of this week. Heaven help me!!!

What about you? What were your week's major accomplishments? What goals will you work on For Just One Week? Write a post about your weekly goal(s) and share it here. Please make sure to link to your individual post and not just your regular blog url. Thanks!


Amber said...

Bad week all around...much sickness abounds. However, this post inspired me to start afresh on Monday. 2009 has kicked my butt so far and I need to tackle it head on!

Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

My prayers go out to you trying to train Cheeks to sleep on his own. Good Luck!

Michal said...

i am impressed that you read and commented on every post in your reader. i am perpetually behind by over 100 posts. it was nice to have you out and about again this week, both posting on your own blog and commenting on mine! i missed you last week.

good luck with getting cheeks to sleep in his crib. training a baby to do anything new is exhausting. but you can do it!

Packer Family said...

I used a beenie for Caden because he hit his head so often. It was Nates so it was really big and fluffy:)

Richelle said...

Sounds like a great goal. I hope it works out for you with out too much trouble or lost sleep!

Magirk said...

Glad you had a good breakdown. ;-) We all need one of those on occasion, I think. I'm due VERY soon.

Good luck training Cheeks this week. You are such a brave woman. We're preparing to enlist regular beds soon for the twins. I just keep putting it off as looooong as I possibly can.

Seriously. Good luck!

Amber M. said...

Nutella. Yum.

And good luck this week with will be hellish, but so worth it. For both of you.

Can't wait to hear about your exciting adventure!!

Cynthia said...

I hope the crib training goes well! I can identify with that for sure. I had a rough time with my youngest, but we are all finally sleeping well and in our own's great!

Sea Star said...

I wish you luck on your goal for next week. Getting babies to sleep has never been my strong point. My kids have all made me a zombie for their first year.

I hope it all works out and that it doesn't go too hard.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Good luck with your goal this week, I hope it goes well!

And I am secretly glad my little guy doesn't crawl yet. Oh man, my four year old ain't going to be happy about that when the time comes :) !!

Bonnie B. said...

good luck with the sleeping thing. never an easy thing. just keep thinking about your fun getaway!!

CC said...

I gotta say that I enjoyed getting your comments this week!!!

and your breakdown sounds FAB! can I have one of those too? ;)

Good luck on this week. It sounds like you'll need it. I'll drink extra coffee for you.

Becky said...

put him in his crib, shut the door, go in your room and crank the music!!!!! I miss you girl. I wish you were coming to visit me. I am going to get my big but up their this summer sometime, depending on when my hot soldier comes home!!~
And no, my kids don't sleep through the night.

cellista said...

Nutella sounds really good all of a sudden! I'm so impressed with all of your one week only goals. At first I thought, one week? Everything I need to work on (read: my entire life at the moment) is something I need to keep on doing. I can't possibly quit after one week, but I think I finally clued into the fact that if you set a habit for "one week only" it's that much easier to keep on doing it after the week is over. Of course I still haven't actually set any goals at all yet, but one of these weeks I may just join you.

And thanks for your comments this week. It's hard to stay up on blogs in my reader. I can't even begin to comment on everything or I'd really get behind on the rest of my life.

Good luck with the sleep training. That's why I never do the co-sleeping to begin with. Sleeping is in their bed to begin with so it's never a change. Getting them to sleep on their own without nursing, that's always my big goal.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I could use a really good breakdown right now. Do you have any breakdown tips for someone that doesn't have tv or nutella in the house.

Good luck with the sleeping thing. It sounds torturous.

Lee said...

I'm impressed that you've done so much with your commenting this week. That's a hard one for me. I try to keep up, but it's tough sometimes. congratulations!

jacjewelry said...

Wow, sounds like you got lots accomplished! I always have a lot planned, but only get the urgent stuff done. So far, I've been posting daily - despite having to take final exams this week. :) Now I'm done for 2 weeks and have a bunch of projects planned, but I doubt I'll get to all of them!