Saturday, September 26, 2009

For Just One Week

Ah, my lovely For Just One Week, where have you been? Stuck in some random, unpacked box you say? Well, I'm glad you're back because I really need to shake things up around here. I have been rather lazy and uninspired without you.

I have a little girl who loves loves loves to bake. I bought her an easy bake oven at a yard sale last month and I've never seen a girl so excited, so elated, so grateful, so verbose, "Oh thank you, mommy, for my pretty little oven. I love it. It is just right for me. I love sparkly cookies and chocolate cake. It's pink and it's for a girl, and I'm a girl, and I love it 'cause it's just like for a little girl, mommy. And daddy will love my little cookies, mommy. I have sprinkles, and hearts, and chocolate, and I just love it. Look at this, mommy, it's a little cake pan. I love my little cake pan. It is just right for me." She is more than willing to spend 1/2 hour mixing, pouring, and mostly waiting (there is a lot of waiting), for 2 extremely little cakes to come out of that little oven. 1/2 an hour for a cake that is gone in 4 bites. And the mess is just as big as if we'd made a full size cake for the family. Egads! But that is beside the point. She loves to bake, whether it is with her tiny oven or with me making cookies and whatnot. The problem is that I haven't found the time to do much baking these days. I know the time is there, I just need to make it happen.

So, For Just One Week I am going to bake something with Sweet Terror every day this week. Sure, I'm aware that I may gain 15 pounds from this endeavor, I know I will have to mop my kitchen more than once this week, and I realize that my kitchen sink will never be empty, but I can guarantee you that it will all be worth the sweet joy that it will give my little girl.

(and I can always exercise everyday For Just One Week next week.... right?)

What can you do For Just One Week?


An Ordinary Mom said...

Sweet Terror is going to be in heaven this week :) !! You will have to tell us all about what you baked!

Stephanie said...

Yay! You're back! I love your blogs and I've missed them.
Can't wait to hear about what you have baked.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oooh...have fun with the baking! It's a FABULOUS goal.

I have a really fun recipe that BBJ loves to make with me, and can do ALL by herself - in a LARGE bowl, combine 1 box of cake mix and 1 can of (regular) soda pop. Mix up flavors - chocolate cake and cola? Yum. Yellow cake and lemon-lime? Nummy.

Let the little girl stir it up with a large spoon, then pour it into a greased 9x13 pan. Bake it at 350 for...25 minutes? Until it's done. The cake is kinda funny, but BBJ loves that she can make it "all by herself."

(I've missed your blog! We need to get together while the kids are at school. :-))

Packer Family said...

That's sweet:)

Skubaliscious said...

I was just thinking of this "for just one week" thing last night! Glad you posted! I feel inspired :)

mom huebert said...

I loved my EasyBake Oven when I was a girl. And when my daughter was young, I bought one for her at a garage sale (and, believe it or not, it had my first name written on the box!) and she loved it.

I don't know how you're handling it, but those little cake mixes for the EasyBake are ridiculously expensive. I learned to mix up batches of cake recipes as dry mix, and let my daughter use portions of it to make cakes in her little oven. Much cheaper!

(Well, I guess you could divvy up regular boxed mix, too, but we're into Homemade over here, so I didn't think of it then....)

And then I graduated her to making "real" cake in the "real" oven! (More cake for the mess...)

Amber said...

Just for one week..I'd like to live at your house during that glorious week!

Rachel said...

Ahh, don't ask me why but that Easy Bake oven was a favorite of mine too :)

Sounds like she has a delightful time with you... those kind of messes are the very best!