Saturday, October 3, 2009

For Just One Week

Well, it was a messy goal and I did miss two days, but otherwise it was a success. Sweet Terror and I made blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies (is that cheating?), lemon bars, and meringue cookies. We had a lot of fun together and she was so excited every time we started a new recipe. My floor is sticky, and I think I have a cavity, but it was worth it for all the times she said, "Thanks for letting me help you mom, I love to cook because I'm a great helper. Ooooo, the sugar is so sparkly and pretty, mom."
For this next week I'm going to step waaaaay out of my comfort zone. WAY out. I hate talking on the phone. I hate it so much that I would rather be seen as rude than return a phone call. It is a bad thing. I talk too fast, I interrupt, I laugh too loud, and I never know quite how to end it. So, for my next challenge I'm going to call someone special, besides my sister and my mom, everyday. The people will be (in no particular order):
Laura S. T.
Rachel S. P.
and Rochelle E.
There are many more people who could easily be on this list but I feel that these 7 people are those who have gone out of their way to reach out to me but who I have been too timid to reach back to, and they all mean a lot to me. Hopefully this goal will help me become a bit more comfortable with using modern technology. Just don't expect me to use the video phone on my computer anytime soon. That is whole other ball of insecurities.
What can you make yourself do For Just One Week?


An Ordinary Mom said...

I love your goal ... I should call you more often :) !!

Amber M. said...

I think you did this one also once, but I am going to do my daily chore BEFORE I check blogs. It will be a great incentive to get it out of the way and not feel guilty when I do have time to blog in the afternoon.

Glad you had a fun week baking!!

SweetWICK said...

THis is a great blog..what a neat idea!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I have the same problem. Maybe we should practice on each other.

I am still working on our schedule. How many months has it been now?

Rachel and Chad's Tribe said...

1....You haven't called me yet
2....Where did you get your "for just one week" mini calendar??? super cool!