Monday, October 12, 2009


The baby can climb.
The baby can reach, grab, and pull.
The baby can tantrum like non other.
The baby can drive me absolutely out of my mind till I want to run away and never look back.
The baby can giggle and laugh.
The baby can wrap his arms around my neck and pat my back.
The baby can run to me with arms outstretched, smiling, and singing, "La la la la."
The baby can drive me absolutely out of my mind with love for his small little body and his amazingly bright mind.


Sonja said... have put in words what I have felt on so many occasions. It's all part of the ying/yang thing, isn't it? We must experience suffering and joy to really achieve the ultimate in mothering enlightenment.

Serenity now.
Serenity now.


Aunt LoLo said...

Your baby...makes me LAUGH. I look at him, and I just SMILE. I'm sure he's a handful...but I'm sure you're msmiling the whole time!

Can't wait to get him over here to play. :-) Friday morning?

Kristiana said...

I'm going to print this out to read in about a year or so.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Ditto to what is going on in my house right now. I definitely have a screeching toddler on my hands, the worse screecher I have ever had. He is LOUD! Especially since he is cutting 6 teeth right now. Yikes!

Michal said...

thank goodness for the second part or we'd have stopped having kids a long time ago!:)