Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine

Why I love my special Valentine:

He is hot stuff.

He tells me I'm beautiful even when I have bedhead.

He doesn't mind that I don't shave my legs... almost ever.

When I apologize for letting the house get so messy he says it looks fine to him.

He loves me.

When I come running out of the bathroom screaming that I have a beard and I force him to look closely at the hairy spots on my jawline he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about and that he can't see anything.

Sometimes he surprises me and cleans the whole kitchen, including the 2 day old stack of pots and pans.

He doesn't get mad when I sit up in bed and start hitting him and myself because I had a bad spider dream and I'm certain that a real spider caused it.

He makes me laugh.

He brings me ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Even the expensive kind.

When I was pregnant and having a really hard time feeling pretty he gave me the best birthday EVER in the whole wide world.

He spends too much money on me.

He helped me make these lovely things:

He's still my best friend... with benefits. ;)

He has a very sexy, perfectly hairy, awesomely buff, man chest. Raaawr!

But the reason I love my man most is that he made an eternal promise to me and the Lord that he would be worthy of me and our marriage, and everyday he works hard to keep that promise.

I love you, Mr. Hotness! Will you be my Valentine?


My Cranium said...

You are definitely a lucky woman!

Magirk said...

Awesome. ;-)