Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green

Ahhhh, St. Patrick's Day. The day when anyone with a smidgen of Irish blood in them goes all out to show that they are green through and through. And moms who aren't even a bit Irish go all out showing how crafty they can be with green.

Some moms out there woke up early to make a fun Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. Or maybe made green pancakes with green pineapple syrup and green milk.

Me? I let my kids eat Captain Crunch Berries so their poop would turn green.

Some moms made sure to get to Old Navy's the day after Valentine's day to be sure that they got a cute, sparkly, and very fashionable, "Kiss Me I'm Irish," shirt for their kids.

Me? I gave Sweet Terror (the only kid who owns nothing with green on it) one of her white shirts and a bowl of green food coloring. Have at it, kid.

Some moms started baking last week so that they could send yummy green cupcakes to their child's classroom party.

Me? I went a step above that and picked out all the green fishies from a bag of rainbow Goldfish crackers. Now that is faaaaaancy.

Some mom's make sure to read several educational books to their kids all about the history behind this important day.

Me? I made sure to throw some orange into my kids' lunches and told them to make sure the Greens won. I kind of stacked the odds in the green's favor. Only one orange fish against a whole army? That poor little thing doesn't stand a chance.

And my fancy dessert for dinner tonight? Green Peeps. Awwww yeah!

Happy St. Patty's day, everyone. I hope your cabbage is extra delish tonight. ;)


My Cranium said...

Why Crunch Berries? Doesn't all kids' cereal turn poop green? It does at our house.
You are such a thoughtful mom to come up with all that stuff! My kids are on their own.

Jeanette said...

Hey! You did more than me. I thought about doing some St. Patrick day stuff with my kids but then didn't. My poor uncultured kids...
Love the 1 orange gold fish in with the green!

cindy kay said...

You're funny. And I bet the kids loved it all!

Aunt LoLo said...

You? Rock. My. World.

Our preparation included green on every body so Sweet Terror wouldn't pinch us, and a mess of corned beef n' cabbage for dinner. Yum!

Sonja said...

We had green Peeps for dessert tonight too!!

My husbands likes to remind the kids of their Scottish ancestry on this day, and tells them not to worry about wearing green. It's bad luck to pinch a Scott on St. Patty's. Apparently.

Michal said...

You make me laugh. Hard.

Jen said...

Ha ha!

I used to care about St Patricks day until it got way out of hand and we were Irish for an entire month. Now I do nothing. NOTHING to encourage the idea that Leprechauns exist and all the work that goes along with it.

I will make sure there's a clean green shirt, that is all.