Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise. I know it's bad for me, and I try not to eat it often, but when I do I really go to town. Take any condiment in your fridge and add a little mayo to it and it suddenly becomes a heavenly dip for all sorts of potato thingies. Mix it with chopped pickles and onions, lots of dill, some lemon juice, and salt and pepper and you have a tartar sauce so yummy you won't need a fish stick to want to eat it all in one sitting. Need a quick white sauce for pizza? Lightly spread your pizza dough with mayo and sprinkle it with Ranch powder mix and garlic powder, then top with cheese and veggies (or just cheddar cheese for awesome cheesy sticks). But only do these kind of things once a year, or you'll end up having to do a Jillian Michael's exercise DVD every morning and you will hate it. Uh... that's what I hear anyway...

This week has been an interesting mayonnaise week. I ordered some pizzas from Dominos (you know, because they are supposed to be all new and improved), and one of them was supposed to have a white sauce on it. White sauce on pizza is usually like an Alfredo sauce, yummy. They must have run out of Alfredo because what I got was a bacon, tomato, and mushroom pizza with a thick, slimy layer of plain ol' mayo oozing out from under the cheese. I kept trying bites trying to be sure, but it was so nasty I couldn't get through a whole slice. Good news is Domino's gave me store credit for a new pizza anytime I want it. Bad news is it would still be a Domino's pizza.

The other funny thing is that Cookie went to make a batch of Cookies and was unable to see the 2 big 18 count egg crates in the fridge. Being the smart girl that she is she searched through my cookbooks to find a proper egg substitute and came up with 3 tablespoons of mayo = 1 egg. 12 tablespoons of mayo later she had a big ol' bowl of yummy cookie dough. The dough's consistency was drier than usual so I was kind of worried, but they turned out light, buttery, and melt in your mouth yummy. Mr. Hotness told her she needs to use the mayo substitute more often.

So now I can add free pizza and yummy cookies to the list of reasons why I loooooove mayo. Why do you love it? Or do you hate it? You probably don't have to wake up at 6 to sweat with Jillian, do you? Lucky.


Jeanette said...

Mayo for an egg substitute! Who knew?
And I had to laugh about the Dominoes. Too bad they could not give you credit for another pizza place. You know, one that actually makes edible pizza. :-P
Oh, and I probably should be getting up to sweat with Jillian. Not so much because of mayo but because of many, many, many other things.

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, the cookies sound nas-tay...but I'm sure they were delicious!!!!!

And that pizza sounds icky.....

In HK, they call mayonaise "miracle sauce" (miracle whip?) and it comes in squeeze bottles with a kewpie doll on the front. It's salad dressing! Toss it with chopped fruit and lettuce, and you've got a HK style salad. ;-)

Lorie said...

I like it in tuna with some dill and seasoning salt.

Other than that I was raised a Miracle Whipgirl and I actually don't use either very often. But my butt could still use Gillian.

joyous said...

I had to comment because my Mom also loves mayo, so I grew up with it as the miracle condiment. (That and butter was her other fetish.) Anyway, I had no idea you could use it in cookies, but I just might have to try that! Thanks for a fun post!