Sunday, March 14, 2010


I take my role as family pain inflictor very seriously.
For this reason I try to have the best torture devices out there in my home.
I'll do anything to elicit screams, wails, moans, groans, and outright begging for mercy.
The louder they complain, the better mother I am... right?
What is your favorite way to torture children?


Amber M. said...

Sacrament meeting.

Oh wait, taking my kids to sacrament meeting solo is SELF torture.

Glad I got that cleared up.

cindy kay said...

Ha! My kids are grown-ups now, but I did all those things when they were young.

My Cranium said...

It depends on the kid. I recently got fed up with my oldest son's attitude and just started listing of potential punishments until his face twisted up in fear. Ah ha! Yep, that's the one. (Push-ups)

Aunt LoLo said...

My favorite form of torture?? Hrm...that's hard. So many choices! I think it has to be washing Ming Wai's hair. She screams and hollers, and I just laugh and keep going. hehe

Michal said...

Math facts worksheets are my favorite form of torture for my 10yo. And it's easy to torture the 8yo-- just serve food he doesn't like to the person sitting NEXT to him. The list goes on, but then you'd find out how whiny my kids can be.:)