Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hey Everybody, It's Family Night!

I was asked to prepare a back up sharing time for Primary today, just in case the person in charge wasn't able to make it. I prepared it and ended up not needing it because said sister did indeed pull through. Wasted time on my part? I think not! Now I have a FHE lesson all ready for today.

Theme: Having Courage to Follow Christ's Example

Opening Song: Nephi's Courage

What is courage? Some people think it just means to be brave, but it is actually something different. To have courage means to be able to do something that you are afraid to do. So being scared to do something is ok because you need to be scared first before you can have courage.

Story: The Courage of a Knight I just paraphrase it because it is a bit long for the point it is making. Main points are

1. "True courage is fear that has said it's prayers."
2. Gaelin prayed and had courage to complete his task

Tape a shield to every one's chest and mention that we can find courage to do scary things if we ask our Heavenly Father for help and guidance.

Here are some little stories from the friend that show courageous children. Talk about these situations and how scared the children might have felt. Ask if your children ever feel scared about situations that they find themselves in when they are trying to "Be like Jesus".

Closing Song: A Child's Prayer

P.S. We will be dressing up in all of the knight dress ups we have on hand (which is a lot considering I only have two boys) to add to the fun.

P.P.S. I almost forgot the snack. Well I am going to be cleaning out my freezer (I'll explain why tomorrow) so Jon and the kids will have all you can eat ice cream buffet and I will be eating yogurt. I like yogurt so it will still be yummy for me =)


An Ordinary Mom said...

Yogurt might be yummy for you, but can you handle seeing them eat ice cream in front of you? I would go off and hide and play Catan or blog while they indulged :) !!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh, I would love to do that. Alas, it is family night so we must all stay together =). But I will be ok. I am going to play mind-over-matter and really truly want my yogurt more.

Laura said...

mmmmm.... frozen yogurt sounds good. I have a TCBY down the road about 20 minutes. Maybe I'll take a little drive tomorrow.