Saturday, September 15, 2007

Top Ten

An Ordinary Mom is hosting an awesome giveaway and today is the very last day to participate. (How is that for procrastination? I'm tellin' ya, I am the best at putting things off to the last minute). At first I was all excited because I love free stuff, but then I remembered that we just had our last stroller burning party because angel #4 had grown out of the whole "stroller thing," so I decided not to enter. But then I saw something hilarious while out running errands in the Supervan. There was a comically shaped middle aged man pushing a pug dog around in a stroller!!! My children thought I had lost it, yet again, as I was snorting, chuckling, and mumbling spurts of, "Gives new meaning.... HA!" , "Yeah, you're, 'Walking your dog'... Hee heee." And, "Wouldn't want precious puppy to get tired... BA!" Ok, so it had been a long day and I probably enjoyed that little scene far more than was healthy; but it got me thinking: What other uses might I find for the ultra fancy Chicco Ct0.1 Stroller? Here is my top ten list:

1. For pushing around a dog when you go for "walks". After all, it is called, "Going for a stroll around the park." (Ok, I'm still laughing about that man and his pug).
2. And because of the Ct0.1's awesome reclining seat feature I am not limited to just small dogs. I could push around an anorexic St. Bernard or even a medium size goat.
3. For carting groceries around. Think about it, you wouldn't have to worry about the bothersome task of returning the cart or getting yelled at for leaving it in the middle of the parking lot. Just fold it and throw it in the car (just watch out for the eggs!)
4. Give it to the kids and tell them it is the go cart they keep begging you for. I'm sure that with all the Ct0.1's safety features it should be perfectly safe for kids to push each other down the Smith's very steep and very curvy driveway in.
5. Park it next to the treadmill for extra laundry draping space.
6. Give it away at the next baby shower so you can make all the other guests look like cheapwads for only giving blankets and onesies.
7. If your granny is small enough you can give it to her and tell her it is a walker/wheelchair combo. She might even put you back in her will for such a thoughtful gift.
8. Train your children to push YOU around in it while you go window shopping in the mall. Hey, turnabout is fair play.
9. Give it to your son on his 16th birthday. After all, he only wrote "Cool new wheels" on his birthday wish list.
10. Bring it home and put it in your living room. When your husband, or boyfriend, asks why it is there just give him a shy smile. After he is done having a heart attack you can all have a good laugh over your funny joke.
With all these great non-baby uses who wouldn't want to enter this contest?


An Ordinary Mom said...

You are hilarious! Who knows, maybe #5 is on its way :) !!

Amber said...

Oh. My. Gosh. LOVE the one about the son getting new wheels. My hubby needs to use that for our daughter; right before she was born, he promised her some on her 16th birthday. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi - just saw your post on my blog. I use Prima Latina for Latin and so far we love it!

I just got back from vacation but can not wait to read your blog! I am totally addicted to ice cream and have to stop! My favorite right now is Ben & Jerry's AmeriCONE Dream! Yummm...

Becky said...

That reminds me of my mother-in-law who carries her little dog around in a snuglie type front pack.

Scribbit said...

It makes me almost wish I had a use for it. Almost.