Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feelings and Bad Photos

I take really bad photos, but that won't stop me from hurting your eyes as I share today's thoughts with you.

Sweet, jeweled colored sweet potatoes (not yams), how I love thee. These makes me smile in culinary anticipation.

These make me feel wicked... wicked and happy.

This makes me want to curse Gary all over again. Stoopid Gary.

These make me almost feel like forgiving Gary. Cheating can be a beautiful thing.

These make my mouth water. Stuffing really is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner (when it's done right, that is.)

This has always and will always make me shudder in fear, nervousness, and hypochondria.

Do they think calling it Young makes it any more appealing? Why don't they just call it Virgin Turkey, or Baby Turkey, or Innocent Turkey? I'm sorry Turkey.

And this.... this just make me nauseous.

What are your feelings this Thanksgiving season?


Michal said...

why won't the laundry just do itself for the week? is that too much to ask? maybe we could just have our kids wear the same clothes for four days straight!:) this year i've got lots of helpers to do the food but i still want to spend all my spare time with them, which means that laundry is even more a thorn in my side than usual.
i want a taste of your stuffing.

Hope said...

For the record-the Pillsbury Crust thing is not cheating. The Pillsbury roll out crust has made it possible for me to make a pie without having a nervous breakdown and to not have to take Prozac before I try to roll out a crust myself. The ready made, roll out crust is a miracle really. Happy Thanksgiving!

Richelle said...

Looks like a wonderful feast. I'm glad my mom will be here to help cook, and my husband will do a lot, too.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

so glad you threw in the laundry pic to make the rest of us feel normal. :) Have a fantastic Thanksgiving,

dotmother said...

Ah the bliss of having to only make rolls and 2 pies.....after 36 years of doing my own Thanksgivings (except the one at your house, of course ---wait, no-- you had your appendix out that day - I ended up doing that one too!!!) hahahahaha

Rebecca said...

My couch would look like that, if I hadn't stuffed them all back into the laundry baskets!

Did you get your butter from Sam's Club? I recognize the boxes.