Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tueday Bertday

For a girl who has been talking non stop about her Birthday since Friday, and in great detail, she sure ahd a hard time talking about it that day.

Sweet Terror is such a poser it was hard to get a picture of her with her face normal. (Jenni, can you guess where we are eating? Can you guess what I ordered. That's payback for ordering Bambinos while on the phone with me!)

We tried to find a McDonalds as Sweet Terror requested, but it just wasn't there. Really, you can ask the kids, I drove all around looking for it, but it wasn't there. We just happened to be lucky that the very delicious Bahama Breeze was nearby with my favorite Roasted Vegetable and Portobello sandwich. I like that kind of luck.

Goofy Kids (Jenni, notice that luscious tomato Cuban Bread in the corner. Yeah, it was good, real good.)

Goofy Girl had to have a napkin tied around her neck, even though her shirt was already covered in mac-n-cheese.

We tried for take 2 on the birthday discussion but didn't get much better. Then I had to turn the camera off to save poor Cheeks from all the hands. (Candace, don't you love how Ian keeps whispering in her ear?)


CC said...

Adorable bday girl!

Michal said...

wow. did you luck out by not finding a mcdonalds, or what?:)

Amber M. said...

Happy birthday, cute girl!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

dotmother said...

Thank you for showing my darling grandchildren! Have a Hagoo Thanksgooving.

Becky said...

Where the heck were you that there weren't any McDonald's?

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I was over by the airport (we had to pick up Mr. Hotness later that night). I had a map and an address to a McDs with a playplace and it was nowhere to be found. It was odd. Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Terror!

We have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow. Yeah, on Thanksgiving. And another child of mine periodically has his birthday land on Mother's Day.

elena jane said...

the videos are too cute!! love the photos...happy belated birthday to your darling girl :)