Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Remember how a couple weeks ago I was going a bit insane and wanted to see the movie Bolt to cheer me up? Well, I didn't get to see it. Yeah, things happened and the only thing I had any hope for didn't happen, which is why I kind of lost it that day. Well, after one craaaazy month I finally got to see it. Saturday, Mr. Hotness kicked me out for the entire day to finally do something for myself. Usually I feel guilty about doing that... but not this time! This time I smiled, giggled a bit maniacally, and ran for the door mumbling something over my shoulder about where to find the diapers and such. My first order of business that day was Bolt. I took Cookie with me and we had so much fun getting away from the "darling angels."

I have to say, this movie did not fail me. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough hamster. I was worried that the hamster would be the only interesting character. I was worried that the story would override the entertainment factor (I kind of felt like that happened in The Incredibles, which is fine, absolutely fine, but I was in the mood for entertainment).

My worries were for naught as this movie delivered all the way. The opening sequence where they set up the storyline of Bolt being a Hollywood movie dog was fantastic. The action was so good that I now want to see the movie that Bolt was starring in.

Also, each and every character in this movie was wonderfully colorful. I was smiling every time a new figure started to talk. I was especially worried about the cat. In all the previews the cat seems whiny and girly (and looks a bit like a Bratz cat doll). In the movie, though, she comes across as a very smart street cat who knows how to survive at all costs. Every human in this movie was adorable and crazy in their own way. And ya gotta love the pigeons. The differences between the NY pigeons and the LA pigeons are spot on.

As for the hamster... he was AWESOME. His awesomeness was beyond awesome. And he has totally reinvented the word awesome. I loved him, every bit of him. I love his teeth just as much as I loved the teeth of the villain on Meet the Robinsons. Rhino is sadistic, crazy, loyal, and so stinkin' cute I can barely stand it. I think I'm in love.
Towards the end of the movie it starts to get sappy and is a bit too much like Toy Story 1 and 2, but it is forgivable as the rest is so new and so good.
Through the movie Cookie and I were leaning on each other and laughing together and having a wonderful time and that alone was totally worth the price of admission.


Rebecca said...

After reading your review I want to see it!

The villain on "Meet the Robinsons" is my all-time favorite villain!

32 Flavors said...

Loved the pigeons! They were my second favorite "character". And don't forget about the middle America pigeons...I'm glad you got some sanity time.

Rachel said...

So glad for your stress-buster!

Tell me at least that Cookie liked it as much as you?!?! :)

amy said...

thanks for review, i will have to go see it!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally trust your movie recommendations! I went and saw Kung Fu Panda after you recommended it and we absolutely LOVED it!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Hooray for a day to yourself. What else did you do that day?