Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Continues

I said I would post everyday this week. It is 11:20pm. I made it!

Who says Valentine's day has to be a one day deal? With a baby and all the regular stuff in life I find that I never even come close to doing the things I plan to do every holiday. But I really really wanted to have a nice Valentines day to make up for my wimpy Christmas. We started V-day stuff last week and it is taking me FOREVER to even get half way through my Valentine's Day list. I obviously plan way too much.

Today, after church and in my jammies, I did most of my baking/cooking that I simply couldn't get to earlier. Set a fancy table for dinner. Matching glassware counts as faaaaaaancy in our family.
Love note to the family.

My gift to Mr. Hotness this year. Baby back ribs, broiled asparagus, and creamy thyme mashed potatoes with caramelized red onions. I make killer ribs. Too bad I don't really like meat. Good thing I love asparagus.

Chocolate red velvet cake.

It has a layer of twinkie filling and Heath Magic Shell (Sooooo good) and is covered in milk chocolate Ganache. I was told it was really really good. I thought it was ok, but I don't like cake or chocolate.
Now, maybe tomorrow I can finally deliver some Valentine goodies. At this rate I just might finish Valentine's Day in time to start St. Patrick's Day. Sheesh.


Stephanie said...

You're insane! Go to bed!

Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

How many Twinkies had to die to make that cake? :)

Also, how do you broil your asparagus? I always just fry it, but I'm looking for some new ideas.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You are an animal!! I'm still hung up on the fact that you don't like meat or cake or chocolate??? What gives you the will to live? :)

Lisa said...

If I didn't feel like a slacker before, I do now! Impressive!! I wish I had the desire to do big celebrations like this, but sadly, I don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Steph--how did we get to be friends when you don't like meat, cake, or chocolate?! (I should probably like all 3 just a little less.)

I have a perfectly chocolate chocolate cake calling to me from the kitchen as I speak, although it's from dh's birthday yesterday and not Valentine's. People just shouldn't be born the day after any holiday.

(says the woman whose water broke the day after Thanksgiving.)

Michal said...

that cake looks yummy. i, as you know, adore cake, chocolate, and meat. but we can still be friends. i adore broiled asparagus--is there any other way to eat it that tastes so good?

my oven died on thursday evening, halfway through my prep work for the relief society class i was teaching. ugh. i'm finally going to my sister's today to bake our valentine sugar cookies and make a few deliveries this afternoon. some things you just can't skip!:)

Amber M. said...

I'm hiding this post from my family of they'll think they've been seriously under-celebrated for Valentine's Day this year. Geesh!!

Can I have a piece of cake?? Please??

Laurel said...

Twinkie filling? Does that mean you cut them open and squeezed the white fluff out onto your cake? And are you going to tell us how you make your killer ribs? My husband would like me to know :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

How do you look so amazing in your jammies? Seriously?

Next year I will just come to your house to celebrate ... but I will steal some cake this year first :) !!