Saturday, March 21, 2009

For Just One Week

Hi. I'm sorry for not posting at all this week. I have been busy enjoying my blessings and wasting my time. This goal is hard to measure, but I'd say I accomplished 70% of this goal. I cleaned more, yelled less, played with the kids more, exercised more, chatted with my husband more, and was nicer to myself. It was good. It could have been stellar, amazing, life changing, etc. If only I hadn't got sucked into my black pit of selfish gluttony... yup, you guessed it, Internet TV. Stupid thing. On Tuesday I was so mad that I was getting sucked in again that I had Mr. Hotness block all the sites that have it. I'm not tech savvy enough to unblock them myself. I had a wonderful day on Wednesday enjoying my new freedom and suffering minor withdrawal symptoms (pacing in front of my computer and mumbling to myself. It wasn't one of my finer moments in life). But then on Thursday I remembered that he didn't block them on the laptop. I'm a hopeless mess, I know, and ended up watching TV all day Thur and Friday. It makes me so mad that I can't just be like normal people and watch an hour or two and then walk away. But I can't and I don't. I just sit there, with my eyes glazed over, eating anything I can find, and drooling out the corner of my mouth. Ok, so I don't drool but I might as well since I lost my dignity long ago for this addiction.
Anyway, now that I'm free of this monstrous beast (Mr. Hot is blocking the laptop for me right now) I should have lots of free time to accomplish some really great goals. So, for this week:
1. I will post everyday. I have lots to post about after my big trip (prepare yourself for the post vacation slide show). And I will comment on all my blog reader posts and all the people's blogs who comment on my posts.
2. I will help Pablo practice his piano EVERY DAY. My lovely friend, La la la, is his piano teacher and she does such an amazing job with him, but almost every week I have to apologize because I haven't had him practice enough to help him advance much.
3. I've been wanting to do this goal for a long time now but I really wanted to be ready to see it through, and now I think I can. For Just One Week I will exercise everyday for at least a 1/2 an hour. This past week I've been working on doing a good 15 minutes of exercise as soon as I wake up so I should be able to keep that going and add another 15 minutes somewhere in my day.
It's gonna be a very busy week, but hopefully I can make up for lost time and get back on track with my life.
What is holding you back in your life?
What about you? What did you accomplish? What goals will you work on For Just One Week? Write a post about your weekly goal(s) and share it here. Please make sure to link to your individual post and not just your regular blog url. Thanks!


The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm so sorry about the internet tv thing. I went to one site but I didn't see anything interesting and I was too lazy to go to any other sites. What a great idea to have your husband block them! I need to have my husband block this can of macadamia nuts I'm eating at this very moment. I have discovered that just because a food is raw doesn't mean I should eat it all day long.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Amber said...

Ugh. Bad week for productivity but I am back on the wagon. I need to keep tuning into your blog for motivation!

Michal said...

i have fallen off the just one week wagon, but have been participating in a challenge with my ward that focuses on healthy habits. my true motivation is that i'm on a team and i don't want to be the one bringing the team down, so i'm busy trying to earn points every day.

it's doing wonders--last week i wrote in my journal every day, exercised every day (many days for at least 46 minutes to get the maximum points), read the scriptures, had personal prayer . . . and ate a lot less of the foods that cost me points.

i should be still posting weekly goals like you, because there is lots more taht i need to get done in my life, but i'm afraid to commit to one thing more!

i can't wait for your posts. sounds like it will be a good week!

Richelle said...

Why is it when I start playing, no-one else is? Oh, well, I like to play!